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VH1 Sat. Big Sonia Sonia Warshawski. Sonia Warshawski, a Holocaust survivor, is served an eviction notice for her tailor shop, which has thrived for 35 years. She must choose between setting up a new shop or retiring. Siblings Joe and Ben Weider overcome anti-Semitism, conventional wisdom and poverty to become fitness entrepreneurs. Against all odds, the brothers launch the gym movement, create an empire and discover a bodybuilder named Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cinemax Thur. A group of wealthy boys in Los Angeles during the early s establishes a get-rich-quick scam that turns deadly. MTV Thur. MTV Fri. An underachiever in Los Angeles time-travels to 14th-century England and battles an evil king. NR 2 hrs. As governor of Jamaica, buccaneer Henry Morgan sends a swashbuckler to capture renegade pirates. Soon after their blind date goes disastrously wrong, two single parents and their children end up sharing a suite together at an African resort.

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Comedy Central Sun. An ex-convict and his estranged daughter go on the run from her drug-dealing boyfriend and his vicious cartel.

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Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues, brothers on a mission from God, bomb around Chicago in an old police car, reuniting their hot band. HBO Thur. A Treasury agent and a mobster hunt each other according to their separate-but-equal deadlines for success. A quadriplegic detective and a patrol cop try to catch a killer re-creating grisly crimes. Against polite but ruthless local opposition, a free-spirited widow decides to open a bookshop, a decision which becomes a political minefield. A Manhattan playboy gets a new corporate boss, and she treats him the way he has always treated women.

BET Fri. A boy and his new friend hatch a plan to save a community of mischievous cavern-dwellers from the villainous townsman who plans to exterminate them.

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Disney XD Mon. Lifetime Sun. A courageous Scottish princess must figure out how to undo a beastly curse after an eccentric witch grants her an ill-fated wish. Enraged by the killing of his wife, Scotsman William Wallace leads a revolt against the tyrannical English king in the 13th century. Former lovers live together as hostile roommates when both refuse to move out of their shared condominium. POP Mon.

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A wrestler, a rebel, a brain, a beauty and a shy girl share Saturday detention in a Chicago high school. After a clerical error schedules their weddings on the same day, two longtime best friends declare all-out war on each other. E Sat.

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  • A Southern schoolteacher pays special attention to her most rebellious fourth-grader. After chatting with a divorced attorney online, a prison escapee wants him to help prove her innocence. TCM Wed. A producer for a record company falls for his longtime friend shortly after proposing to his girlfriend. Ovation Wed. An act of kindness brings a jilted architect the unwanted friendship of an unbalanced cable-TV installer.

    Cuatro mujeres del mismo pueblo, dos puritanas y dos chicas modernas, luchan por el amor de dos hombres. KWHY Fri. A operator must confront a killer from her past in order to save a kidnapped teenager. BET Sat. Can You Ever Forgive Me? Lee Israel is a frustrated, hard-drinking author who can barely afford to pay her rent or bills in s New York.

    Desperate for money, Israel soon hatches a scheme to forge letters by famous writers and sell them to bookstores and collectors. HBO Sun. A Southern lawyer sets a trap on a houseboat for a twisted ex-convict terrorizing his family.

    Captain America, the Black Widow and a new ally, the Falcon, face an unexpected enemy as they struggle to expose a far-reaching conspiracy that puts the world at risk. USA Fri. Mater takes a detour into international espionage when he and Lightning McQueen head overseas for the World Grand Prix. After a plane crash at sea, a Federal Express engineer survives on a remote island for four years in complete isolation. BBC America Sat.

    HBO Wed. Three middle-class pals try to be cell-block types and tap into the rap market but cross a drug-dealing club owner. British Lancers vow revenge after villainous Surat Khan slaughters every man, woman and child at their outpost. TCM Mon. Three private detectives try to rescue a kidnapped computer pro whose voice-ID software would threaten global security. In Holland, two wasted Americans wander into Amsterdam and stage a show to bail out a film festival. When the cheerleader turns up murdered, her boyfriend becomes the prime suspect, and only she can find the real killer before another murder takes place.

    KFTR Sun. When a gawky teen restores a Plymouth Fury, the car takes on a life of its own and begins terrorizing those in its way. AMC Sat. Here, doctors and nurse work for free to serve people who would otherwise fall through the cracks. NR 39 mins. HBO Tues. An Indiana lineman and other UFO-sighters, beleaguered by earlier incidents, finally have documented contact with space aliens.

    A Beverly Hills teen plays matchmaker for teachers, transforms a bad dresser and examines her own existence.

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    CMT Mon. The hottest bartender in Manhattan leaves his partner, goes to Jamaica and falls for a nice girl. An ex-convict plagues a couple and their two children after they move into his former mansion. During the Civil War, a wounded Confederate soldier abandons his duties to make his way home to his sweetheart. A professional killer carries out hits for her uncle and dreams of taking revenge on the mobster who murdered her parents. IFC Tues. NR 58 mins. After his ex-girlfriend dies, Kyle struggles to accept the responsibility of being a father to his young daughter.

    KTBN Sat. KWHY Mon.

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    KVCR Tues. Caesar the ape leads simians in revolt against the governor enslaving them on future Earth.

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    The world panics as doctors race to find a cure for a rapidly spreading virus that kills those contaminated within days. Contrabando y muerte Antonio Aguilar, Ursula Prats. Un padre logra aplicar la justicia a una narcotraficante poderosa responsable de la muerte de su hijo.

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    Hallmark Wed. Abandoned by his wife, a big-city lawyer loses his job and moves with his young son to rural Kansas. Audience Sun. Noon Audience Sun. Audience Wed. Huge insects from Planet X invade Earth after a scientist blows a hole in the ozone layer. TCM Fri. A woman finds her dreams of singing sidelined by the notoriety she receives as a New York City barmaid.

    Racial tensions collide in a collection of intertwined stories involving residents of Los Angeles.