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Roffman wants to take DeMarco down because, in his world-view, he wins by demonstrating that somebody else has broken the rules; Edgar only takes DeMarco down to show Dredd that he'd better not mess with her. So here's my question for you: what do you think of Judge Edgar as a female character in a comic book?

AMY: Well, you virtually cannot tell she's a female character, visually. She's controlling, powerful and ugly.


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She wouldn't even exist in the New 52, she'd be Wallered into sexiness so potent her Hoverround would be upholstered in studded red leather. So I think she's sort of awesome in that way. Her time on the panels is rather brief, and without seeing her buildup, she's a little bit two-dimensional in her pursuit of Dredd's downfall. For the brief space she's given though, she comes across as brilliantly nasty. I hope there are more female characters in the Dredd books overall who don't fall into 'romantic pitfall' or 'spiteful old hag' categories, though.

DOUGLAS: There definitely are a few--and, as I understand, when the series began in it was fairly rare that women characters appeared in any capacity in British "boys' comics. McGruder's an interesting case--she started off as a "hardass boss" character, went offstage for a while, and came back as a spiteful old hag with a goatee! This is way out of the present book's scope, but I really like Judge Maitland, who first showed up just a couple of weeks ago: another POC woman Judge with a distinctive personality and a role we haven't seen before.

I note, though, that her second appearance showed her in some cheesecake-y poses that didn't seem to be called for by the story , with uniform unzipped to show cleavage--argh!

AMY: The art on both storylines is great, although quite different. They both use a bright palette of colors, which is a pleasant change from the brown-purple-orange that DC's darker books and much of Vertigo stick to. DOUGLAS: Ezquerra's a caricaturist at heart--he's the source of a lot of the visual grotesquerie that makes the series so much fun to look at.

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But Burns' artwork, whether it's the painted style he mostly uses here or the more pen-and-ink-based version we've seen elsewhere, is much more illustrative: he gravitates toward believable details and reasonably realistic poses. Burns' Roffman, I'm amused to see, barely looks like Ezquerra's, because Burns isn't about to attempt that peanut-shaped head. Have there ever actually been people who thought "Judge Dredd" was too talky and character-driven?

AMY: I was all right with the vigilante plot in "Call"; it gave the characters a reason to be, things to do. As you know, Douglas, I have little patience or affection for romance in my action books. Stop kissing and go save people! Comics verge upon soap opera already, and I'm just not interested in love triangles and kids taking center stage. Having a coherent plotline which Dredd and DeMarco could intersect with worked for me. The Vitus plot in "Dance," on the other hand, was mostly annoying, and I wanted to flip past it to see what happened to DeMarco in interrogation.

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She got some good lines off - the one about sniffing the sheets is familiar, but I still laughed. I think the thing I come away from this most in love with is Dredd's mouth. Both artists portray it similarly, although Ezquerra definitely goes all in on this - his mouth is an intense scowl at almost all times - it's virtually an upside down U running to the very edges of his chin. I couldn't look at it and not think of Beeker on the Muppets. Overall though, I enjoyed this one. Always like Possibly 4.

Always like to see a secretly besotted hero caring for an ill or injured heroine, and I love stories where the hero fell in love with the heroine in childhood though in real life I can't imagine falling in love with any of my childhood friends.

The Dance of the Cobra and Scorpion by Artelia

So overall, a nice read. Nov 27, Akrivi Leonidopoulou rated it liked it. May 06, Tatiana Stefan rated it liked it Shelves: i-own , forgot-so-must-re-read-again. I thought the book was a little too short, I would have wanted to see more "love time" with the hero and the heroine.

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I wouldn't say this is my favorite book but it was nice and sweet. But of course, all for the ultimate goal of happily ever after, so all's well that ends well, right? Anyway, cute story and yeaa May 20, Tia rated it really liked it. The heroine thought all her problems were solved when she was to become a Lady of the manor. However her fiance was killed one day before the wedding, the same day he mother had a paralyzing stroke.

Suddenly the heroines plans were up in flames until the hero came along and offered her an easy out.

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Dec 25, Priya rated it it was ok. Reading Challenge Read a book published on the year you were born It was an interesting read. I liked it. May 14, Ginette rated it liked it. A little slow to start and full of sadness.

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