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This book is a rare gem and would be a wonderful gift for the gardener in your life. Publication Date: Format: HardcoverThis book is in good condition This book includes lovely illustrations, a map and a short glossary of cornish words. These latter are doubtless the result of an unreasoning preconception. This book on the cornish coast would be a splendid read for the observant nature lover, the person whose soul is at the sea and anyone who is interested in the coastline of England.

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This experience packed, brightly written and painstakingly illustrated book is a guide for anyone who is growing fruit trees, as they will find this the writers knowledge invaluable. He writes about every aspect of fruit tree growing leaving nothing out and covering things such as pest troubles, pollination, spraying pruning and so on.

Through illustrations, photographs and diagrams, this book will be adored by any horticulturist, fruit trader or backyard gardener. The book focuses more on how to grow the flowers than the flower arranging. It gives advice on shrub growing herbaceous border and greenhouse plant maintenance through all seasons. Mrs Emberton demonstrates and lectures on flower arrangement, and for all her material she depends on her own small shrub garden, this book is her sharing her advice and offering guidance to those who wish to use their own plants in their arrangements.

This book contains photographs and would make a precise and in depth read for someone who is interested in growing their own shrubbery for flower arrangement usage. In his detailed descriptions of modern methods of growing soft fruit he dicusess well-known varieties as well as new one such as the autumn fruiting strawberries.

It also analyses food storage and marketing methods. This book covers every aspect of soft fruit growing ;including disease and pest control,and that is what makes this book useful to the amateur gardener. This book would make a delightful gift for any gardener and the illustrated cover means it would look lovely on any bookshelf. The book looks lovely in or out of the cover. The pages are aged but for its age it is in wonderful condition. A charming little book of verse has been recited and quoted by , people all over the world. It contains all the charm, freshness and inspiration of it predecessors.

The verses in this book will be read more than once as well as the sound of chuckling these verses provoke. With lovely illustrations and a simple enjoyment this book would make a wonderful gift for any nature lover and would be a cherished book for any home.

Even though this book was written for truly amateur floral gardeners even the most experienced gardeners will benefit from this read too. They'll be able to learn new tricks that will give added interest and zest to their gardening. This book describes the making and usage of composted organic waste materials and how to utilize it for the best flowers. This book would make a delightful gift for any gardener, flower lover, botanist, horticulturist and anyone wanting to do their bit to help the environment. The Winter Garden.

Garden Book Club. The Winter Garden by M. Jefferson-Brown suggests ways in which your garden can be improved for winter. The trees, shrubs and plants described are hardy in most parts of Britain, flowering in winter and adding beauty to the garden during the colder months. This book was published by the Garden book club and contains many lovely black and white photographs alongside wonderful illustrations. It would be a charming addition to anyone's home. We have now sen almost ever Australian bird, have painted every species at least once and have photographed more than half of them in the field.

In this book we have tried to include representatives of every family found in Australia and have illustrated them with photographs from our collection, with a few exceptions.

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Linssen; L. There are illustrations - 85 in full colour. This book has been compiled in the hope that a pockey guide providing a pictorial record of the eggs of british breeding birds will help the reader to find interest and enjoyment and nests of British birds. Roland Luff, whose fame and life-long experience as a practical gardener are widely known.

Publication Date: Format: HardcoverThe book is in good condition for its age; a Grouping the trees according to their relationships so that details of less familiar trees can be included.

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Janes Sold Out. As we have seen these stocks decide whether the tree will grow into a large , or moderate, or small specimen, and also whether it will begin to fruit early in its career. The Outdoor World by W. Young collectors often neglect the study of pond life. Perhaps thismay be accounted for by the fact that most of the inhabitants of the water are not to be seen before they are caught Once you have mastered these principles, you can grow vegetables, whether you have the previous experience or not.

There will be few so fond of them as the 'great lay still living' who, as described by the Rev. Topsell, in , 'will not leave off eating them'. Indeed the death of Professor J. But, first, he had to tell the birds of the value of Shelley's boat; and though they were too honest to demand it back, he saw that they were galled, and they cast such black looks at Solomon, who was rather vain of his cleverness, that he flew away to the end of the island, and sat there very depressed with his head buried in his wings. Now Peter knew that unless Solomon was on your side, you never got anything done for you in the island, so he followed him and tried to hearten him.

Nor was this all that Peter did to gain the powerful old fellow's good-will. You must know that Solomon had no intention of remaining in office all his life. He looked forward to retiring by and by, and devoting his green old age to a life of pleasure on a certain yew-stump in the Figs which had taken his fancy, and for years he had been quietly filling his stocking. It was a stocking belonging to some bathing person which had been cast upon the island, and at the time I speak of it contained a hundred and eighty crumbs, thirty-four nuts, sixteen crusts, a pen-wiper, and a boot-lace.

When his stocking was full, Solomon calculated that he would be able to retire on a competency. Peter now gave him a pound.

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He cut it off his bank-note with a sharp stick. This made Solomon his friend for ever, and after the two had consulted together they called a meeting of the thrushes. You will see presently why thrushes only were invited. The scheme to be put before them was really Peter's, but Solomon did most of the talking, because he soon became irritable if other people talked. He began by saying that he had been much impressed by the superior ingenuity shown by the thrushes in nest-building, and this put them into good-humour at once, as it was meant to do; for all the quarrels between birds are about the best way of building nests.

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Other birds, said Solomon, omitted to line their nests with mud, and as a result they did not hold water. Here he cocked his head as if he had used an unanswerable argument; but, unfortunately, a Mrs. Finch had come to the meeting uninvited, and she squeaked out, 'We don't build nests to hold water, but to hold eggs,' and then the thrushes stopped cheering, and Solomon was so perplexed that he took several sips of water. Finch, 'that when water gets into the nest it remains there and your little ones are drowned.

The thrushes begged Solomon with a look to say something crushing in reply to this, but again he was perplexed. Finch pertly. Kate was her name, and all Kates are saucy. Solomon did try another drink, and it inspired him. How the thrushes applauded! Now they knew why they lined their nests with mud, and when Mrs. Finch called out, 'We don't place our nests on the Serpentine,' they did what they should have done at first—chased her from the meeting.

After this it was most orderly.

Peter pan in kensington garden by untaigasani.ml illustrated by Arthur Rackman

What they had been brought together to hear, said Solomon, was this: their young friend, Peter Pan, as they well knew, wanted very much to be able to cross to the Gardens, and he now proposed, with their help, to build a boat. Solomon explained hastily that what he meant was not one of the cumbrous boats that humans use; the proposed boat was to be simply a thrush's nest large enough to hold Peter.

But still, to Peter's agony, the thrushes were sulky. You must remember that he is now in comfortable circumstances, and he will pay you such wages as you have never been paid before. Peter Pan authorises me to say that you shall all be paid sixpence a day. Then all the thrushes hopped for joy, and that very day was begun the celebrated Building of the Boat.