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It is true that this prepares our mind for regular prayer, but if it is not followed by deep inner silence, it fails to take you to your final goal. No doubt, great souls like Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had knowledge of God through devotion and love alone. The emotional intensity and love that led to them to absolute concentration on God is often beyond the emotional scope of common devotees. Many great souls following this path recommend followers to weep and cry for God or to feel as if you would die if God does not respond to your call.

These teachings lose their practical utility when common people fail to create love of this great magnitude in their hearts for a God they have never seen. Moreover, such a great love is rare among people; one in a million can have such an intensity of love for God and realize Him through this method.

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It can neither be suggested for all nor can it have universal practicality and utility. The exalted souls blessed with love and unflinching faith in God fall into the category of nitya siddha eternally established and accomplished in the path of the spirituality ; the other two include sadhan siddha reaching perfection through religious means like japa or raja yoga and kripa siddha accomplished through divine grace either of guru or god, for example, Swami Vivekananda.

Mantra or japa yoga is an important means of attaining God-realization and my guru-maa is a good example of acquiring spiritual heights through this path. Secondly, it requires great determination to follow this path as it yields intangible results and that too very slowly. Only devotees gifted with exceptional faith can stay Awaken the Superman Within … on the path till the desired results are achieved. It is difficult to overcome body consciousness and other limitations by mere mental power to continue the journey on this path.

It is difficult to walk on a path where mind and emotions, including the body, are constantly clashing and results are not tangible. Even I failed on this path because of my inability to force my mind to engage in something that was hardly pleasing or interesting.

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Mantra or japa yoga is a lop-sided approach, since a small instrument like the mind is given the responsibility of controlling the huge machinery of the body. It is like the tail of the dog controlling it.

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Controlling the mind through the mind is quite a difficult task. While mantra or japa yoga emphasizes on the mind, neglecting other aspects of the body like life-energy and physical techniques, hatha yoga fails when it caters to the need of the body only. Meditation on pranava, the divine sound of aum, is the way to realize Brahma or God. When the mind is lost in listening to these astral sounds, it transcends narrow individuality and expands with the sound of aum to the farthest boundary of the universe. However, the audibility of any astral sound is proof that mind and energy channels have been purified, which is next to impossible without practicing yogic techniques like kriya.

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Raja yoga or the path of scientific meditation or kriya yoga meditation is where all yogas merge and acquire the Kriya Yoga: The Majestic King Among All Yogas strength and magnitude of an ocean. The beauty of kriya yoga or raja yoga lies in its all-inclusive magnanimity.

Kriya yoga takes the best features from all yogas, like the constitution of India which has taken the best features of constitutions around the world. Raja yoga like a raja or a king caters to the needs of all sections of society by establishing a kingdom of peace and harmony among body, mind, emotions and life-energy.

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  • When the body, mind and life-energy work in sync, their team work quickly takes devotees to God. It uses all the powers and aspects of human personality for one purpose: God-realization. The practice of kriya yoga or raja yoga leads to the harmonious development of the body, mind and soul and is the quickest conveyance to God. Formerly available only to a faithful few who renounced the world and lived solitary lives as ascetics, the great ones of India have now made the ancient Kriya science available to all sincere seekers worldwide through the instrumentality of Paramahansa Yogananda and the spiritual organization he established known as the Self-Realization Fellowship SRF.

    Yogananda brought Kriya yoga to the Western culture in hopes of creating a unity within the world. The benefits of Kriya Yoga include: experiencing calmness and joy in your life, increased focus and concentration, and the elimination of destructive thinking viewing the light of God as the Divine path to self realization. Kriya Yoga has been taught with success to thousands of individuals on their yogic path worldwide, from many faiths, cultures, and spiritual traditions.

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    Kriya yoga can be taught and learned by anyone with a desire of achieving a higher state of consciousness. It is through this practice of concentration and meditation that one learns to calm the mind and bring it to one point of focus. It is at this point that we direct our attention inwardly, toward our true nature, which is Divine. You can achieve this by following the Eight-Fold Path of Raja Yoga, which includes observation of the following:.

    Kriya and Raja Yoga. Raja yoga is often associated with Ashtanga yoga. Raja can be viewed as the bridge between the physical and the mental with a similar dynamic to Kriya. Asana: Steady pose, posture or seat 4.

    "Kriya Yoga and Pranayama" - The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita with Swami Kriyananda