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Please review and contact Scott Goldader at Phil's Custom Bindery for more information of the services we offer. Hardcover Binding Up to hardcover books.


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The covers can be made from leather, cloth imitation leather, buckram, and linen , or printed cover paper. We can customize your hardcover with foil stamping using our in-house type or customer provided stamping dies on the cover and spine.

Book Repair on a Budget: Consolidating a Textblock

Perfect Binding Paperback Books from one to 2, Books with a turnaround time of one to four days. Book Repair We can repair old family bibles, children's books, diaries, cookbooks, schoolbooks, etc.

Sydney Book Restorations, Repairs and Bookbinding. Since 1976.

We do not do book restoration. Foil Stamping and Debossing We can customize your item using our in-house type or using a customer provided stamping die. Turnaround Time: Estimated weeks for hardcover binding and leather-bound books.

Library managers and administrators will find it a worthwhile resource as they contemplate the utility of an in-house lab. Library staff charged with various aspects of bookbinding and book repair will find the manual to be a practical reference tool.

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The volume is also designed to be used as a primer for related courses in Library and Information Science Studies programs and may be of interest to individuals interested in private practice. Scarecrow Press.

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The Environment Chapter 5 2. The Equipment Chapter 6 3.

The Tools Chapter 7 4. Parts of a Book and Types of Damage Chapter 10 6.

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Preservation Awareness Chapter 11 7. Preparing the Text Block Chapter 12 8. Resewing Chapter 13 9. Making the Case Chapter 14 Casing In Chapter 15 The Hollow Tube Chapter 16 The Rebacking Chapter 17 In her new book, In-House Bookbinding and Repair , Sharon McQueen explains how to set up a basic bookbindery and repair lab and provides instruction on rebinding and repairing cloth-bound books.

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Extensive illustrations by Ellen Latorraca depict the repair techniques, making this a practical reference tool for staff.