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Can these coils ever move in the body? How safe are these coils in the body long term? Response: he said he has been using the nester platinum coils over 15 years and there has been no problems thus far. However they used to use coils made out of tungsten that turned out to bio-degradable in the body and they had to stop using them. I have also asked the coil migration question to Radiologist Dr. McCafferty and he said make sure you rest in the first 48 hours as they are still clotting in the body and stay off strenuous exercise for at least 7 days. I try not to regret much in life but these operations are something I really do regret doing.

I believe the body with the right nutrients can repair itself.

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At the time of having these operations I was young, naive and at university studying and did not take the time to research anything on this. I would really like to find a surgeon to have the metal removed from my body. Could you please send me the name and contact details and as much information on that surgeon in paris? So you guys know I had an vericocel embolization done in July I has nester platinum coils implanted. I was in very bad chronic pain especially in my back and abdomen.

In December I had 1 of the 3 coils removed laprascopic ally by a surgeon in Toronto Canada. The area where the removal occurred is now pain free. I wish he would have gotten the other 2 coils while he was in there. He did it the same way it was done on the video on YouTube. Luckily he removed the coil in the problem area.

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The other coils still give me some problems but are nothing compared to the problem I was having from the one that was removed. There were no bad side effects as a result of the coil removal. Recovery was not bad either. The doctors name who did the removal is named Toni Finelli. He is an excellent surgeon.

I was reffered to him from my radiologists. He only removed the 1 coil as that was all he could visually see at the time. Also it was a 40 cm coil that was packed tight and he thought he had removed the lower one as well as he had removed so much coil.

Only after the xray did he realize he did not get the lower one. If he would have pulled up on the gonadal vein he most likely would have seen the top of the lower coil.

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This was his first time ever doing this type of procedure so he wanted to see the results if there was any improvement before he would consider removing the upper one which is closer 2 the kidney. I was under General anethesia and the procedure was 1. I had 3 small incisions. The procedure was equivalent to a laparoscopic Varicocelectomy in terms of risk. I lost almost no blood at all during the surgery.

He is open to attempting the removal of the remaining coils at my request. I also have spoken in depth with the poster of the removal video on you tube.

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He was of great help to me. If I could do the surgery again I would make sure the doctor has xray capability in the operating room.

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This way the doctor could make sure all the coils are removed before closing the incisions. When looking for a surgeon to perform this operation you should try to get a urologist who specializes in laproscopic urological surgery. This way they will be very familiar with the anatomy. For most laproscopic urological surgeons a gonadal vein resection is a walk in the park.


My doctor was originally going to remove the entire vein but when he was in there he realized he could just pull and the coil would come out. He said mine pulled the same way as in the video.

I do not beleive the risks are overly high. All 4 people I know who have had their coils removed are for the better. No one lost a testical or has any other issues as a result of the surgery. All the surgeries were performed by different doctors in different countries all for the first time. Mike, as you are in contact with 4 people that have had coils removed, could you ask them to give us the names and locations of their surgeons? Thanks much if possible, best Ave.

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Really sorry about the time. I work a lot, to try to recover the lost 20 years of real work, because of the tortures of the Coils. It is not the metal, that make the incredible suffering. It is another more simple an without doubt system, that produce : 1 The difficulty of movement 2 The smooth tortures of the complete body muscular, digestion, … 3 The change of the behavior 4 The stress in the brain All that is known by the producers of the coils, but money seems more important for them. I ask the surgeon, about doing the same to other people.

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It is not really interested to become the only guy that do this surgery, even to save lives. But email to me and I redirect the mail. After two year of coils removal, I really think there is a lot of risk. I start only now to have a normal feeling, where there was. I hop everyone of you will remove the tortures tools as soon as possible and if you go to justice….

Fabian thanks for your response. I would have it checked out. Low testosterone may also be due to higher estrogen e2. I would have your T, e2, and LH all checked. There are plenty of drugs to regain your T. Hi KC, thanks for your message. After my latest T results, I was interested in compensating my T levels but my urologist does not seem to think it is all that low he says that T levels come up and down easily according to many different variables so for the moment I will not be compensating my T levels with drugs, etc.

I have not yet been tested for the other things you mentioned e2 and LH. So i would assume it is probably safer, but i have no details on the matter. Dear friends , I had the same problem. I am Riccardo from Italy, excuse me for my english. I underwent in November an scleroembolization for the left varicole and they inserted the famous spiral without asking permission and without telling me. I only found out two months ago , that is now in , to have inside the platinum spiral. Since then I have never been well and just now I associate all my problems with the damn spiral.

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I have pain pre and post sex, I have difficulty pissing , I have strange allergies with eye irritation given to me by a chronic blepharitis as well as strange itchy rashes. This is very difficult. I need to find a doctor that will support me in court in order to ask for damages to the hospital. I ask for help to all of you to refer me to a doctor in Italy or that has relationships with Italian doctors who can support me. Thank you. Below, in French, is what the surgeon did to save my life by removing the coils.

If somebody can translate…. Zinacef 1. Excision du coil in toto. Fermeture superficielle au Vicryl 3. I had the left varicocele embolization done 2 months ago. It seems to have affected my urinary functions and I have a lot of pressure in the testicles, buttocks, and anus area.

Does anyone else have this pressure feeling or could it be un-related? My urologist said he could remove the testicular vein. Thoughts and anyone have similar symptoms? I had sharp pain in the embolization area 4 days after my operation in , went back to the doctor and he told me it was unrelated.