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The road is more of a road to the left than to the right. It becomes rough, rocky and narrow. Not sure what tributary this is but it clearly has a lot more water than usual. But finally I find the bottom and see the South River again below the falls. I have to climb up these rock steps to the base of South River Falls. The trail gets narrow, the steps more difficult to see.

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And finally the end of the trail, the base of South River Falls. Usually you can climb down on the rocks and get beyond the trees, but the rocks are under swift moving water now. One kindly stops flitting and poses for a photograph. And then almost hopping up the trail come this young couple from a college in Maryland.

Her brother has loaned her his very expensive Nikon camera nice brother I think and we trade pictures in the mist of the waterfall. You can see the spots on my lens which I quickly wipe off. From a bit further away away the mist is less though the bright water thundering down puts me in the shadow.

Your perfect aquatic adventure is on this list—even if you prefer to stay dry.

The falls is just breath taking. I am SO glad I braved the trail down. Its just too powerful to get out in the middle for a picture of the tippy top. The trail back down to the fire road seems even more rocky than on the way up.

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I can see the river off to my right but where is the trail? I reach the bottom and begin the hike back. Another mile up the road to the AT. Not sure a mile has ever seemed so long as it does on this rocky road. I make it to the AT turn off with 13, steps and 5. I have a half mile to go to the parking lot. Next stop, Ruby. Wondering if we will ever get this far east at the right time to do some of these hikes you have documented so well.

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The falls is really pretty, but I do despise those slippery wet rocks. Once again, you are a trooper. Wow, you are brave. I have gone all the way down on that hike before, but it's been years. I am sure we just hiked back up. I love rushing water, too, but that would be beyond my comfort level.

Glad you got those pictures. They have got to be unusual with that much water. Thanks for sharing! The never ending rain has been a pain this year Glad you were able to cross safely and capture that wonderful photo of the falls at the bottom:o. My goodness, you are so brave, Sherry!

Had it been me, I would be like those four hikers.

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Did your shoes get wet? At least the reward after your crossings was indeed a beautiful water fall. I find waterfalls soothing and mesmerizing too.

I hate rocky and muddy trails, it makes the going a bit tougher. Was that beautiful hike before the heat wave or is it always cool up there? What'a Hike! Must have been such a great feeling to be there and enjoy that falls The mud is no fun I recall hiking on the AT and a sudden storm turned the trail into a river of flowing stones that bruised our shins it was high Your lizard is a broadhead skink, I have them in my own yard.

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  7. Thank you Sondra. I've changed the text to reflect your knowledge. Now if I can just remember the next time I see him. Fun to have them in your yard. Where are you? What a great year for seeing the falls! But those stream crossings look really challenging. I'm not so sure I'd tackle them hiking alone. And those rocky trails on the way back up do not look like fun. Still, it looks worth the effort!

    Love that giant snail and the beautiful butterfly. The waterfalls are amazing with all the water there, so nice to see after all the fire we've seen. The falls were gorgeous and boy was the water flowing! Glad you made it across both times.

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    Being alone it could have been a disaster if you had slipped. No wonder there's so much lush green moss on these rocks. No water whatsoever, just a horrible blank sky blue where the water should be. The cussometer went off the scale. Tried the 'restore backup' feature to no avail so eventually went rooting around the shader files and found a folder named 'backup', copy paste contents and fire up FSX hoping to at least have salvaged the original FSX textures. Don't ask me how, but the new textures were now there I went for 'Inland rough' from the presets. I think I'll stick with it after the adventure I had getting any water textures back at all.

    At one stage I had the FSX discs to hand ready for a complete re-install and all that would have entailed.

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    I did discover that 'system restore' removes repaints added after the selected restore date - that's one for future reference. Good old FSX and the cussometer , they go hand and hand sometimes for me also. Anyway glad you got your water textures restored. Great set of shots. And Your pictures are fantastic! And the "burning" Waco-Paint fits just perfect above the water here - a very nice contrast! I used the water config tool when I was using FSX. I somehow managed to make my water look horrible and there was none of that really nice water masking that orbx is so good for.

    But then I found out I had my base saturate turned down which caused this. All from support of Holger and Wolter.. Anyways, nice shots. Great to see you back in the elements, Andy! The pics look like the effort was well worth its while. No backing up helped, so I actually did take the disks to hand. There you will find a "repair" function - and that worked wonders for me And no bothersome reinstalling of paints either.

    Thanks chaps!. Might give the repair option a go - might help with stability. I'm just about to find out. Stay tuned I experienced no loss of scenery, planes, weather themes or repaints. But then again - I only used it to repair my lost water textures. Don't know what it will do, if there are any other problems CTD on 'settings' options menu - that's a first.

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    Scenery files seem o. No DX 10 preview option - not that I use it. Trying again Ctd on pressing 'Esc' key Perhaps I should have mentioned it: I repaired directly from the Acceleration-disk.